FAQs for Families

This fund was created to support the children of employees who pass away while employed by an electric cooperative. It is a small way for our cooperative network to support cooperative families during difficult times.

Any minor children whose co-op employed parent died may be eligible for the program.

You don’t need to do anything, your cooperative’s HR department will initiate the process on your behalf. You will hear from the Cooperative Family Fund regarding next steps and resources available to help support you and your children through the coming years.

Your first step will be to fill out the required contact information so that we can enroll you in the program. Follow the instructions in the notice you received and if you have any questions contact support@cooperativefamilyfund.com.

That depends on what you need. At a minimum, children enrolled in the program will receive:

  • A memory book with pictures and stories from their deceased parent’s coworkers at their cooperative.
  • A one-time monetary payment at the age of 18 that can be used for college or any other expenses related to launching themselves into adulthood.

In addition, your cooperative family can provide additional support such as local attendance from co-op employees at events such as concerts, sporting events, etc. Our support can be tailored to your family’s individual needs.

FAQs for Co-ops

Any individual or organization is eligible to donate to the Cooperative Family Fund.

If an employee dies while actively working for the cooperative, their minor children may be eligible for the fund. Once enrolled, the children may receive ongoing support such as birthday cards and holiday messages. At the age of 18, the child will receive a one-time monetary contribution to help launch the next phase in their lives.

No, this fund was created to provide a nation of support for all employees of electric cooperatives. However, the fund’s success is dependent upon ongoing support from electric cooperatives.

Contact us at support@cooperativefamilyfund.com for more information.

We’re so sorry to hear about the loss of your employee. The Cooperative Family Fund was created to help in times like this. Email us at support@cooperativefamilyfund.com and we will help guide you through the application process.

We’re here to help! In addition to financial support for the family, the Cooperative Family Fund can provide you with a resources on how to support grieving families that you can share with all of the employees in your cooperative.

FAQs for Donors

Cooperative Family Fund
PO Box 298
Grawn, MI 49637

There are no credit card fees if you mail in a check.


We rise by lifting others

We rise by lifting others.